Spotify Premium Mod APK with Offline Download

Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download is a modified version of the official Spotify Android application. It is a well-known and popular audio streaming platform around the world. You can use all of the premium features with Spotify Premium APK. It is an unlocked version. So it is a risk for the device.

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App info:

App NameSpotify Premium APK
PublisherSpotify AB
Version v8.7.90.554
CategoryMusic & Audio
MOD infoPremium unlocked
Price Free
Get it onGoogle Play
RequirementsAndroid 6+
Latest update June 19, 2023

Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download is a modded version that offers hundreds of thousands of customers premium features without requiring a paid subscription. All of the songs are heard without advertisements.

Today’s people, who love to concentrate on music, are the primary reason to choose Spotify. It is a well-known medium that permits users to access songs, podcasts, etc. from popular artists around the world. It has a fantastically designed interface that captivates the users and the music is organized fantastically. That’s why people constantly love to use Spotify.

Spotify is a music application that was founded in Sweden in 2006. It provides users with the most exceptional music service globally. It affords free and premium subscription options for its user base. Spotify was founded when its founders, Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon, noticed the promise of digital song streaming. They needed to construct a stage that had a large music library as well as convey custom-designed points to further develop the client’s enjoyment.

Spotify Premium Apk vs Spotify Apk Free: Which is Best?

As music streaming grew in reputation in the online world, Spotify became humans first choice. With its vast library and user-friendly interface, Spotify offers two main options for users: Free Spotify Premium Apk and Spotify Apk Free. Each version provides many features for users.

Spotify apk

Spotify Apk Free

Spotify Apk Free is the basic model of the app that allows users to get access to the platform without incurring subscription expenses. Here are some key features of Spotify Apk Free:

1. Access to Millions of Songs: The free version provides millions of songs for users. Users can search for precise tracks and create their own personal playlists, providing a diverse music experience.

2. Ad-Supported: While using Spotify Apk Free, users can also encounter intermittent ads between songs. These advertisements are important to assist the free service and might interrupt the listening experience.

3. Limited Offline Listening: One of the drawbacks of Spotify Apk Free is the absence of offline listening. Unlike Spotify Premium, users can not download songs for offline playback, requiring an energetic internet connection to enjoy music.

4. Shuffle Playlists: Free users can listen to music through playlists in shuffle mode. But customers can’t concentrate on songs consistent with their choice; random songs are automatically played one after the other.

5. No High-Quality Audio: Spotify Apk Free does not provide high-quality audio streaming.

Spotify Premium Apk

Spotify Apk Premium is the paid version of the app, providing additional features and benefits not available in the free version. Here’s what Spotify Premium brings to the table:

1. Ad-Free: With Spotify Premium, users experience an ad-free experience. No more interruptions by using advertisements between songs, presenting a seamless and uninterrupted musical journey.

2. Unlimited Skips: Premium users have the freedom to skip songs as much as they need.

3. Offline Listening: One of the biggest benefits of Spotify free Premium Apk is offline listening. Subscribers can easily listen to and download songs without a network connection.

4. High-Quality Audio: Spotify Premium gives super audio streaming, supplying advanced listening enjoyment with superior sound readability.

5. Exclusive Content and Early Releases: Premium users gain access to exclusive content and may get early releases of albums or tracks, giving them a sense of exclusivity and first-hand music experience.

Why should I use Spotify Premium?

The decision between Premium Spotify Apk and Spotify Apk Free depends on your individual preferences and priorities. If you are content with occasional ads and don’t require offline listening or high-quality audio, the free version might be sufficient for your wishs.

However, if you value uninterrupted, ad-free listening, prefer the freedom to bypass songs, and want the convenience of offline playback, then upgrading to Spotify Premium Apk could be the correct choice.

Spotify Premium Mod APK

Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download is a modified version of the famous music streaming app, Spotify. It is not an official release and was created through third-party developers to offer users additional features that are generally different from Spotify Premium, without requiring a subscription. While it may appear engaging to get access to premium features for free, it is crucial to recognize the risks and implications of using a Spotify APK Premium Mod.

Spotify premium mod apk

Is spotify modded apk premium safe to use?

While the idea of getting access to premium capabilities without purchasing a subscription is probably tempting, using Spotify Mod Premium APK comes with significant risks and dangers that users should be aware of:

1. Security and Privacy: Spotify APK Premium Mod is not an official release from Spotify, which means it was created by third-party developers. Using modded versions may expose users to security and privacy risks, as these apps may contain malicious code or unauthorized access to personal information.

2. Violation of Terms of Service: Using Spotify Premium Mod APK is a clear violation of Spotify’s Terms of Service. If detected, Spotify may take action against the account, including suspending or permanently banning it.

3. Unreliable Functionality: Since Spotify Premium Mod APK is not an official release, the app’s functionality may be inconsistent. Sometimes, users can face bug problems.

4. No Support or Updates: Official Spotify releases regularly receive updates to improve performance and fix issues. However, it does not offer any support or updates, leaving users vulnerable to potential problems without resolution.

5. Legal Consequences: Using modified versions of apps can infringe on copyright and intellectual property rights. Engaging in such activities may lead have consequences.

What does Spotify Premium Mod do?

Spotify Premium Mod APK’s other name is Spotify Premium APK. It is a modified version of the official Spotify app. It is created by third-party developers. While the specific workings of each mod may vary, the general mechanics behind each Mod involve manipulating the app’s code and functionalities. However, it is essential to note that using Spotify Mod comes with significant risks, as it is not an official release and may compromise security and privacy. Code modifications, Bypassing licenses, Unlocking Premium features, and Removing Restrictions are the main mod’s working processes.

Download Spotify Premium Mod apk

Download the spotify modded apk premium on your device via the link below. If anyone faces problems, please contact me via mail.

Namespotify premium.apk
RequirementsAndroid 4.1+
EditorMod Apk
GenderMusic & Sound
Last Update4 November, 2022
Get it onDownload

Device Requirements

Before downloading Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download, ensure that your device meets the following requirements:

  • Android version 4.1 or higher
  • At least 1 GB of RAM
  • 100 MB of free storage space
  • Strong internet connection

How to Install Spotify Premium APK?

Before proceeding, it’s essential to understand that using modded apps like Premium Spotify Free APK carries certain risks, including potential security and legal issues. With that said, here’s a step-by-step guide to installing it:

  1. Download from trusted sources: Only download the APK file from reputable websites to reduce the risk of malware and viruses.
  2. Enable installation: Before installing the APK, enable the option to install apps from unknown sources in your device settings.
  3. Install APK: Install the downloaded apk file on your personal phone.

How to Upgrade from Spotify Free to Spotify Premium?

Switching your Spotify account from the free version to the premium subscription offers a plethora of benefits, enhancing your music streaming experience to the next level. Here’s a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to successfully upgrade:

Step 1: Authentication: Make sure your authentication is secure, login to update.

Step 2: Navigate to Spotify Premium: Proceed to the Spotify app or access the Spotify website through your preferred web browser. Look for the section labeled “Spotify Premium,” which is usually located in the top navigation bar or accessible through a menu.

Step 3: Select Your Plan: Once you find your way to the enchanting realm of the Spotify Premium page, a delightful array of diverse subscription plans will gracefully unfold before your very eyes, like a captivating tapestry woven with options, beckoning you to choose the one that resonates most profoundly with your musical desires. Carefully review the features and benefits of each plan to select the one that aligns best with your musical preferences and requirements.

Step 4: Click on “Upgrade”: After determining your ideal premium plan, click on the “Upgrade” button, which may be labeled “Get Premium” or a similar prompt, depending on the app’s interface.

Step 5: Payment Method: You need to pay for membership, choose any one to make payment. Credit, debit cards and PayPal are among the methods.

Step 6: Input Payment Details: Carefully enter your billing information to complete the payment. If you want to pay through PayPal, you need to follow the redirection on PayPal’s official website to complete the payment process.

Step 7: Review and Confirm: Before proceeding with the payment, thoroughly review the entered details to ensure accuracy and completeness. Once you have verified all your information, click the “Confirm” or “Complete Payment” button to start the transaction.‌

Step 8: Activation: Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your Spotify account from the free version to the premium subscription. Instantly, you get access to ad-free music listening, countless downloads and all premium streaming.

How to Download a Full Playlist from Spotify for Free?

Downloading a complete playlist from Spotify without any cost might seem like a daunting task, but fear not! So, let’s delve into the methods for downloading your favorite Spotify playlists without spending a penny.

Method 1: Using Spotify Premium

With Spotify Premium, you get access to everything and can easily download any song and listen offline.

Method 2: Collaborative Playlist Sharing

If you have friends who use Spotify Premium, you can create a collaborative playlist together. The playlist creator, who has the Premium subscription, can add all the desired songs. After creating a playlist, you can easily download it and listen offline. It’s a fun and interactive way to share music with friends!

Method 3: Using Third-Party Downloaders

There are third-party downloaders and converters available online that claim to allow playlist downloads from Spotify for free. Be careful using them to avoid any problems later on. They may violate copyright laws and pose security risks to your device. Exercise discretion and be aware of potential legal implications.

Method 4: Manual Recreation

Though time-consuming, manually recreating the playlist on another platform or downloading the individual songs from legal sources is a legitimate option. While not as convenient as other methods, it ensures adherence to copyright laws and respects the rights of content creators.


While Spotify Premium Mod APK with offline download may seem like an attractive option to unlock premium features without a subscription, its use comes with risks and potential legal consequences. Instead, it is advisable to opt for the official Spotify Premium subscription or explore alternative music streaming services. Prioritize your digital safety and lawful music enjoyment to have a delightful listening experience.


Does the Spotify Premium Mod APK have a virus?

No, there are no known viruses or malware in the Spotify Premium Mod APK. The Spotify app has been altered to enable unlimited access to all premium features in a version that is paid for, known as the modded APK. This version is completely safe and secure and doesn’t contain any dangerous software or malware.

Can I use Spotify Premium APK apk iOS?

Spotify Premium APK is primarily designed for Android devices. For iOS users, use Spotify++ or the official Spotify Premium subscription is the recommended and legal method to access premium features.

Is Spotify Premium APK ad-free?

Yes, one of the key benefits of is ad-free listening, allowing users to enjoy their favorite music without interruptions.

Is Spotify APK premium safe?

Using modded apps like spotify premium.apk carries security risks, such as potential exposure to malware and a violation of Spotify’s Terms of Service. Proceed with caution and prioritize the safety of your device and personal information.

Can I use APK Spotify Premium on multiple devices?

Spotify Premium APK usage may vary depending on the modded version. Some versions may allow usage on multiple devices, while others may have restrictions. Always verify the app’s capabilities before using it.

Does Spotify offer customer support for premium Spotify APK users?

Spotify does not offer customer support or assistance for users of unauthorized or modified apps like it. For official support, consider subscribing to Spotify Premium for access to their customer service and support channels.

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